“A Leader in Executive Communication Coaching”

Our Company

PPI is a training and development company based in Atlanta, Georgia that provides training in presentation, facilitation, behavioral style adaptation and sales skills for individuals and business teams. All programs are customized to the client and provide skill development via videotaping, coaching & feedback.


Our Goals

At Professional Performance Incorporated we believe that in order for training to be successful skills must be transferred into observable on-the-job performance.  We work closely with executives, human resource professionals, and internal training teams to ensure a return on their training investment.


Training Approach

Our programs focus on enhancing visual, vocal, and verbal skills to improve leadership effectiveness, team collaboration and professional success. Individual coaching is integral to every program. Videotaping, feedback, and practice ensure maximum skill development for training transfer.


Global Clients, Global Training

We work primarily with clients who have global presence. Our training programs have been conducted throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. We work with team members, managers, senior directors, and upper management in all areas of the corporations: Sales & Marketing, Operations, Manufacturing & Business Technology, as well as provide one-on- one coaching.


Presentation Skills
Performance Coaching
Interactive Learning

Transferring Training into Professional Performance

We Value Our Clients

  • Major Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Dental Industry Manufacturers
  • Furniture Manufacturers, Heathcare & Commercial
  • Packaging & Paper Industry Manufacturers
  • City Government Management Teams

Client Demographics